The Backstory

I’ve been on the internet for a while. I vividly remember using the internet at my fathers work, and still know exactly how it felt to login to the internet for the first time on our brand spanking new Gateway2000 computer.

Since then I was exposed to websites, went from building sites on Angelfire and GeoCities, to making them on the original Xoom(dot)com, being underaged and unable to pay to remove their banner so I used a script remove it, all to make our bands and skateboarding crew’s site look more professional.

Years went by, and I started paying for hosting from a guy on a forum. It was his home server, and I used it for years until he decided to shut it down and I moved over to Dream Host.

During this time all websites I made were created using Notepad, Netscape Composer (Netscape Communicator is probably still my all-time favorite browser), and editing random templates I found.

Then came the era of the CMS. I dabbled around with Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others. Never really got into them like I did when playing around with the Netscape Composer, and always felt they were “too much” for the random things I was making. I did enjoy Drupal the most.

Time caught up to me, and I just moved on to other things, still keeping most of my domains.

Why Hugo

Most of the domains I kept were parked; others had a single image/logo. A few of them had absolutely nothing, and going to them would show the Index page.

This site ChildCode had an ugly template, and links to the sites I frequented at the time I uploaded it. It was time for a change. I again tested out WordPress and Drupal, still felt it was too much for what I wanted to do.

Considered using sites like Wix but found a web builder called Mobirise. Downloaded and installed it, made a quick page and uploaded it, that ugly template site that had been here for years had to go. But Mobirise was not fun for me.

A couple of months went by, and I stumbled upon an article on Jekyll and how it was the best static site generator to use. I had no idea static sites were a thing, so I looked into it. Found StaticGen(dot)com, at the time the top 3 listed were Jekyll, Gatsby, and Hugo.

Played around with Jekyll for a while, really enjoyed it. It got me interested in learning Ruby on Rails. Decided to test out Hugo and that was it, as soon as the site loaded after issuing hugo server -D I knew this was the generator for me.

And here we are, Hugo felt right, did not feel as cluttered as WordPress or Drupal. I had more control over what was happening, unlike Wix. Just a simple, static, fast-loading page.

The Future

I’m in the process of re-branding. Recently changed my Twitter name, and created brand new GitHub and GitLab accounts that will most likely remain unused.

The next step would be to get a new domain for this page. ChildCode was always intended for something else, and even though It might never be what it was intended to be I don’t want to have it as a permanent personal presentation card.

Once I figure out a name, this will be migrated to it.